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How Does Rick Perry Get Away With It?new

Rick Perry. The name alone is enough to elicit chuckles. Big hat. Silly boots. Cowboy swagger. The Texas governor likes to hold stadium-sized prayer rallies in which he fills a fraction of the stadium and talks to God. Two years ago he held a rally to ask God for rain. Today, Texas still bakes in a historic drought, suggesting that if there is a God, he's got better things to do than listen to Perry.
Charleston City Paper  |  Will Moredock  |  08-24-2011  |  Commentary

The New Normalnew

The world’s climate has already changed. Now what?
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Laura Paskus  |  07-15-2011  |  Environment

Going Green: Weather reportnew

Freaky storms can be certifiable proof—or a complete headache—for climate-change scientists
Pacific Sun  |  Stan Cox  |  07-15-2011  |  Environment

C-C-Cultural C-C-Climatenew

How Edmonton's artists create in and about the freezing temperatures.
VUE Weekly  |  Bryan Birtles  |  01-14-2011  |  Commentary

Too Much Hot Air on Climate Changenew

An unassailable majority of the world's scientists believe that climate change is real, that human activities contribute to it, and that the consequences will be devastating. Yet our president and our governor -- such learned men as they are -- insist it's not true.
The Texas Observer  |  Editorial  |  11-05-2007  |  Commentary

Fearing Fear Itself: Social Security and Other 21st Century Disasters

President Bush and his Republican allies are busy scaring Americans with the invented Social Security "crisis" of 2018 and 2042...but what about the very real and very scary crises of 2020, 2026 and 2037?
Columbus Alive  |  J. Caleb Mozzocco  |  02-03-2005  |  Politics

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