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Super Bowl Prostitution By The Numbersnew

100,000 hookers didn't show, but America's latest political scam did.
Dallas Observer  |  Pete Kotz  |  03-10-2011  |  Crime & Justice

The Super Bowl Prostitute Mythnew

Contrary to statements by public officials, 100,000 hookers won't be showing up in Dallas this weekend.
Dallas Observer  |  Pete Kotz  |  02-03-2011  |  Economy

The Real Girlfriend Experience: My Hooker Romancenew

Call it some sort of half-baked sociological experiment: What happens when you take a hooker on a regular date? What happens when you share a walk on the beach or a piece of pizza instead of, oh, something that ends in job?
New Times Broward-Palm Beach  |  Michael J. Mooney  |  09-23-2008  |  Culture

Ignorance of AIDS Is Infectiousnew

Around the world, women are at risk of contracting HIV infections. AIDS-related groups warn that a blithe attitude can be dangerous.
Montreal Mirror  |  Patrick Lejtenyi  |  12-06-2005  |  Science

Reminiscences of a White Pimpnew

After enduring a rough-and-tumble phase with poverty, Robert Kramer was drawn to his profession as if fulfilling his destiny.
Miami New Times  |  Courtney Hambright  |  06-28-2005  |  Sex

Ex-Drinker Helps Other Women Avoid the Fallnew

Heather Klinker runs the nonprofit organization Grubstake Resources for Recovery with the aim of helping Miami women get off the street.
Miami New Times  |  Tristram Korten  |  01-17-2005  |  The War on Women

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