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Eloquent Crusadernew

George Clooney's Good Night, and Good Luck is caustic and captivating.
Boston Phoenix  |  Peter Keough  |  10-11-2005  |  Reviews

America the Abominable

Anyone who wants to feel better about this country can go see one of this week's cinematic strikes at the red, white, and blue, Good Night, and Good Luck, or Dear Wendy. Both are so uncompelling that they barely add a scratch to the United States' already-shredded reputation.
Washington City Paper  |  Mark Jenkins  |  10-07-2005  |  Reviews

Radio Producers Will Revive Edward R. Murrow Classicnew

During the Communist witchhunt of the 1950s, Edward R. Murrow's daily radio show "This I Believe" boasted 39 million listeners, who tuned in to hear regular Americans state their own beliefs. A new version of the show is set to start on NPR in January.
LEO Weekly  |  Willie Davis  |  06-29-2004  |  Media

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