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Ain't No Sunshinenew

Records are often difficult to get, and now, even more so, since President George W. Bush designated entire categories of federal documents off-limits in the name of "national security."
INDY Week  |  Lisa Sorg  |  03-13-2008  |  Media


In December President Bush quietly signed a law to make federal records more accessible. This month he quietly gutted it.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  02-19-2008  |  Media

How Open Is Your Government?new

We asked ten Connecticut municipalities to let us see e-mails that should be public record -- some did, some didn't, most made excuses.
New Haven Advocate  |  Nicole Mortimer  |  08-21-2007  |  Politics

Watching Big Brothernew

Is the government spying on you? The Freedom of Information Act is one good way to find out. Here's how.
Missoula Independent  |  Fredric Alan Maxwell  |  09-21-2006  |  Civil Liberties

Needling the Haystacknew

A 1,683-mile drive taught us that Texas educators don't always entertain an open-door policy when it comes to public records.
Houston Press  |  Keith Plocek  |  05-23-2006  |  Education

Toothless Tigersnew

Politicians would learn to behave if our laws made them face fines or prison.
Pasadena Weekly  |  Rene Amy  |  03-16-2006  |  Commentary

Let the Sun Shine Innew

No one seems to know if Louisville's Arena Authority is a public entity, which helps arena advocates do their work behind closed doors.
LEO Weekly  |  Billy Reed  |  03-13-2006  |  Housing & Development

What We Don't Knownew

It's hard to tell just how pervasive the Bush administration's spying program is -- the documents, like so many others, are secret.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  A. C. Thompson, Steven T. Jones and G.W. Schulz  |  03-08-2006  |  Civil Liberties

Top Secretnew

Sunshine Week stresses importance of open government as the Bush administration spends billions to keep secrets.
San Antonio Current  |  Lisa Sorg  |  03-08-2006  |  Commentary

Ms. Sunshinenew

Using a toothless law, Illinois' public-records enforcer fights the good fight.
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  01-27-2006  |  Civil Liberties

All the News They Forgot to Printnew

This book examines the media's sins of omission, led by the lack of reporting on the Bush administration's slow but sure elimination of open government.
The Texas Observer  |  Molly Ivins  |  01-18-2006  |  Nonfiction

The Past Is Present: A Look Back at COINTELPROnew

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed Freedom of Information Act requests asking for government files on the surveillance and questioning of nonviolent activists involved with anti-war, environmental and free-speech groups. Do Americans really want to return to the days when peaceful critics become the subject of government investigations?
INDY Week  |  Jon Elliston  |  01-03-2005  |  Nonfiction

Bush Blindfolds the Publicnew

From the Patriot Act to presidential records, George W. Bush has presided over an unprecedented rise in government secrecy.
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  10-28-2004  |  Politics

Son of Executed Couple Helps Children of Other Activistsnew

Fifty years after Julius and Ethel Rosenberg died in the electric chair for conspiracy to commit espionage, their son Robert Meeropol is doing what he can to help dissenters.
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Silja Ja Talvi  |  08-07-2004  |  Crime & Justice

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