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Driving in Circlesnew

Proposition 33, funded by a billionaire insurance-company owner who says he's acting in your best interests, reappears on the ballot.
North Bay Bohemian  |  Catherine Zaw  |  08-23-2012  |  Transportation

When it Comes to Risky Business, Driving Has Nothing on Parking in Pasadenanew

Where does it all end? No one knows. But we do know where misery begins for people victimized by money-hungry state and local officials imposing bankbook-busting fines for such “crimes” as improper parking, rolling through stop signs and running red lights.
Pasadena Weekly  |  Kevin Uhrich  |  03-15-2010  |  Transportation

Where Running a Light and Killing Someone Does Not Automatically Mean You're in Troublenew

Steve Morrison probably never knew what hit him that April afternoon in 2008. After the swimming-pool company owner eased off the brakes of his green Saturn and headed south down Hillcroft across Westpark, a Nissan Frontier driven by a 28-year-old Salvadoran immigrant slammed into him.
Houston Press  |  John Nova Lomax  |  02-09-2010  |  Crime & Justice

Los Angeles' Red-Light Ticket Ripoffnew

I was captured on camera doing a “California roll” while making a right turn at a red light. The damage was $446 plus a $64 traffic-school fee and a pricey separate fee that an eight-hour traffic school charged.
L.A. Weekly  |  Michael Goldstein  |  01-04-2010  |  Transportation

A Driving Force Behind Safer Streets Asks Connecticut for Red-light Camerasnew

Shortly after a hearing about the use of red-light cameras in New Haven, I was nearly hit by a black Mercedes SUV speeding through a red light. Unfortunately, I'm not alone: Too many people in New Haven are endangered by red-light runners.
New Haven Advocate  |  Betsy Yagla  |  12-29-2009  |  Transportation

Man vs. Mileage: Inside the Mind of a Hypermilernew

Mike Turner is just one of a growing legion of people who identify themselves as hypermilers. They make up a community of drivers committed to taking the edge off of rapidly rising fuel costs through a combination of practical design and driving-style modifications, and in some cases, controversial techniques.
Creative Loafing (Charlotte)  |  Kennedy Spencer  |  07-31-2008  |  Transportation

What if Courageous California Pols Had Put a $2/Gallon Tax on Gas Five Years Ago?new

The SUVs and Hummers would be long gone. Public transit would be booming. And with 1.5 billion gallons of gas sold per year in the state, there would be $3 billion more each year in new revenue. Enough to fund huge improvements in urban transportation systems. The high-speed rail line to Los Angeles would be well underway. Traffic (and pollution, and global warming) would have dropped dramatically.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Tim Redmond  |  07-10-2008  |  Transportation

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