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Afghanistan: Obama’s Vietnam?new

While Bush never listened to those who disagreed with him politically, Obama seems to have made a fetish of the opposite: on the issue of Afghanistan, he has listened almost exclusively to Bush holdovers in the military, from Defense Secretary Gates on down, while tuning out those whose diverse alternative approaches have much more support in his political base.
Random Lengths News  |  Paul Rosenberg  |  04-04-2009  |  War

Activist Brings a Girl Home from Gaza to Restore Her Sightnew

Six-year-old Hadil was born with congenital deformities, but she can no longer travel through Gaza's tightened borders to hospitals where doctors had begun a series of operations on her eyes. Hanan Shawar convinced Hadil's parents to let her bring the girl back to the United States for reconstructive surgery.
Monterey County Weekly  |  Kera Abraham  |  03-19-2009  |  War

West Bank: Welcome to the Occupationnew

With the eyes of the world focused on the carnage in the Gaza Strip, the challenges of life under occupation in the Palestinian territory of the West Bank continue.
VUE Weekly  |  Scott Harris  |  01-22-2009  |  War

Facebook Becomes an Israeli-Palestinian 'Battleground'new

The war in Israel and Gaza has quickly expanded to Facebook, where backers of both camps are using many of the social networking site's features to voice their opinions in graphic and sometimes absurd ways.
Boston Phoenix  |  Peter Piatetsky  |  01-14-2009  |  Media

How a Mother of Two Ended Up in a Plot to Smuggle High-Tech Gear to Irannew

Shahrzad Mir Gholikhan maintains that she became accidentally caught up in her shady ex-husband's international plot. The feds have a different theory: That she was an operative of the Iranian government working to put U.S. security at risk.
New Times Broward-Palm Beach  |  Deirdra Funcheon  |  01-13-2009  |  International

Israel Must Make Peace with Neighborsnew

The war against Hamas in Gaza looks more and more like the three-week Israeli war against Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006, which could hardly be called a success. It will last about as long. It will kill about as many Arabs, probably a thousand or so. And it will end with Hamas, like Hezbollah, still able to fire rockets at Israel.
The Georgia Straight  |  Gwynne Dyer  |  01-13-2009  |  International

The Cuban Revolution at 50new

I have learned one thing from my various visits to Cuba over the years, and that is not to predict the demise of the regime. Nevertheless, change may be lurking around the corner at last, for Barack Obama represents the greatest danger that the regime has faced since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of its subsidies seventeen years ago.
NOW Magazine  |  Gwynne Dyer  |  01-09-2009  |  International

An Insider's View of the Gaza Conflictnew

Eva Bartlett is a Canadian activist with the International Solidarity Movement, a group that opposes Israeli policy in Gaza, and despite damaged cell phone towers and infrastructure in the area, she was able to talk us about what is happening in Gaza.
VUE Weekly  |  Bryan Birtles  |  01-08-2009  |  International

Victims of a Bolivian Massacre Seek Justice in Miaminew

It has been five years since Bolivian soldiers killed Marlene Rojas Mamani in the village of Warisata. Today her parents have come to Miami seeking justice.
Miami New Times  |  Tim Elfrink  |  12-22-2008  |  International

The Old Thailand Returnsnew

The political crisis in Thailand is over, and so is the ten-year experiment with democracy. The rich and the comfortably off have risen in outraged revolt against equal treatment for the poor, and it's back to the bad old days of shaky coalitions and bought-and-paid-for politicians.
NOW Magazine  |  Gwynne Dyer  |  12-22-2008  |  International

Doctors Without Borders' Mary Jo Frawley is a Collector of Lessonsnew

Frawley, 53, pays close attention whenever and however she can to what someone in front of her or some new experience may be teaching her.
OC Weekly  |  Daffodil J. Altan  |  12-09-2008  |  International

Falling Oil Prices Raise the Pressure on Irannew

Unlike the quasi-effective Security Council sanctions of the past, the U.S. and its allies finally have good leverage on Iran. It would be a diplomatic misfortune if the next U.S. president could not see that in this time of peril, there could also be a moment of promise for peace in the Middle East.
Ventura County Reporter  |  Jesse Aizenstat  |  12-08-2008  |  International

Terror Unlike the Usual Terrors: A Report from Mumbainew

Mumbai, India has endured terrorist attacks for decades, but the November assault on the Taj Mahal Hotel stopped the city in its tracks.
Boston Phoenix  |  Kathryn Gearhart  |  12-03-2008  |  International

Ukraine Politicians Are Split on Russian Tiesnew

In the immediate aftermath of the Orange Revolution of 2004, the more extreme Ukrainian nationalists fantasised that the country could break all links with Russia and become an entirely Western state, but realism is starting to prevail.
The Georgia Straight  |  Gwynne Dyer  |  11-18-2008  |  International

Lawyer and Activist Noura Erakat Ponders Palestine Post-Bushnew

With the U.S. presidential election wrapped, many Americans are hoping for dramatic change, especially in the case of an Obama victory. Erakat, however, doesn't believe an Obama administration would be much of an improvement for Palestinians.
Montreal Mirror  |  Christopher Hazou  |  11-07-2008  |  International

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