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Charles Anselmo Finds Beauty in Decaynew

Charles Anselmo has been traveling to Cuba for more than a decade, photographing the effects of economic deprivation and tropical fecundity on the colonial architecture of Havana (and also championing the work of Cuban photographers here on the big island). His large-format color photographs on paper and silk banners and his small-format black-and-white studies of Cubans in Deconstructions: La Habana pose Macaulay's questions anew for contemporary viewers.
East Bay Express  |  DeWitt Cheng  |  08-25-2011  |  Art

Hooray for Havana!new

Faded, crumbling and 60 years after la Revolución, Cuba’s once-notorious and time-frozen capital can still show a visitor a good time. The Mirror flies south for five days of local attractions, rum, dancing, male prostitution and “Chan Chan.”
Montreal Mirror  |  Roxane Hudon  |  08-12-2011  |  International

Oscar Hijuelos Sings Songs of Himselfnew

Cuban Pulitzer Prize-winner tries his hand at memoir.
East Bay Express  |  Stefanie Kalem  |  06-20-2011  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Idaho's Cuban Connectionnew

Idaho is closer to Cuba than you'd think.
Boise Weekly  |  George Prentice  |  09-08-2010  |  International

The Martyr and the Stool Pigeonnew

Untold tales behind the release of the imprisoned Cuban journalists.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  07-26-2010  |  International

A Reporter Finds Getting to Cuba Easier Than Getting Outnew

Officials on the U.S. side were polite but firm when my family returned to Vermont from a two-week visit to Cuba. They ripped apart a red Che Guevara T-shirt I’d bought for my daughter. And they sliced up the two necklaces — total value $2 — that Liam had bought on a beach.
Seven Days  |  Kevin J. Kelley  |  01-29-2010  |  International

Latino Arts Inc. Shines Light on 'Cuban Artists’ Books and Prints'new

The Ediciones Vigia, a small, independent press operating in Cuba, supports artists to produce handmade books despite limited resources and harsh conditions. It has became a symbol for the light that could illuminate Cuban culture during political and economic upheaval.
Shepherd Express  |  Peggy Sue Dunigan  |  12-11-2009  |  Art

Journo Ann Louise Bardach Publishes Exposé on Castro While Feds Seek Her Testimonynew

Without Fidel cements Bardac's stature as America's best-informed and most insightful writer about Castro's 50-year reign and the fervid passions, plots, and politics of Washington and South Florida aimed at destroying it.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Jerry Roberts  |  10-26-2009  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Cuba's Black Market Moves Online with Revolico.comnew

On an island where selling almost anything on the street, over the airwaves, or in the newspaper is forbidden by the socialist constitution, Revolico offers tens of thousands of items. Legions of Habaneros shop on the site every day, making it the most obvious crack yet in the foundation of Fidel Castro's Cuba.
Miami New Times  |  Tim Elfrink and Vanessa Grisalez  |  10-05-2009  |  International

'That Infernal Little Cuban Republic' Dissects the Shared History of Cuba and Americanew

Lar Schoultz focuses on the Castro years, which he reconstructs in impressive detail, fleshing out such well-known events as the doomed 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion with eye-opening depth. Better yet, often-glossed questions are aired with the fullness of Schoultz's four decades of wrestling with the Cuba question. Still, there's something missing.
The Texas Observer  |  Mike Kanin  |  08-12-2009  |  Nonfiction

A Darker Look at Che's Revolutionnew

There's little question that, as former top CIA analyst Brian Latell puts it, Gustavo Villoldo played a "very critical role in the capture of Che Guevara." But while some exiles consider Gustavo a hero, Che fans and scholars such as UCLA's Peter McLaren call him a "narrow-minded ideologue who set out to avenge his father and took his anger out on a great man."
Miami New Times  |  Tim Elfrink  |  08-10-2009  |  International

The Supreme Court Will Decide Whether to Reconsider the Conviction of the Cuban Fivenew

Miami is on trial this month. The U.S. Supreme Court will decide June 15 whether we are scum-sucking Cuba haters.
Miami New Times  |  Chuck Strouse  |  06-08-2009  |  Crime & Justice

Raleigh's Cuban Community: Their Views on Obama's New Diplomacynew

Local exiles reacts as President Barack Obama rolls back some of George W. Bush's most ineffective stances toward Cuba, primarily related to the migration of Cubans.
INDY Week  |  Matt Saldana  |  06-04-2009  |  Immigration

There's Something About El Tiantenew

On the eve of the release of director Jonathan Hock's documentary The Lost Son of Havana, Sox legend Luis Tiant discusses the impact of Cuban politics on his life and career.
Boston Phoenix  |  Mike Miliard  |  04-23-2009  |  Sports

Reboot America: A Lesson from Post-Consumerist Cubanew

It sucks that it took a depression to get us here, but historians might just look back on this depression as the event that saved the ecosystem just when we were on the brink of flopping over a climatic tipping point.
Artvoice  |  Michael I. Niman  |  03-13-2009  |  Commentary

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