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A Big Boy at Christmasnew

He’s practically vibrating in the seat next to me, this kid. Just 9 years old, recently made privy to the Big Christmas Secret, and he’s beside himself on this, his first Christmas mission on the other side.
YES! Weekly  |  Brian Clarey  |  12-23-2011  |  Commentary

The One, True White Whalenew

Reading the other bible at Christmas time.
The Inlander  |  Nicholas Deshais  |  12-06-2011  |  Commentary

The Christmas Blizzard of 2010new

Scene: On Christmas Day, up in New Jersey, my Uncle Tom, a sort-of retired school superintendent, indulges in his love/fear of adverse weather by clicking away from the holiday sporting events and losing himself in the Weather Channel’s breathless revue of storm porn. Every few minutes he hops from the couch to update us on the forecasted severity of the oncoming blizzard.
YES! Weekly  |  Brian Clarey  |  12-30-2010  |  Commentary

In Search For The Perfect Giftnew

A 12-hour trek past plastic penguins, 'reindeer dishes,' underwear powder and 'Mrs. Whippy' -- only to find something money can't buy
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Joe Kovac Jr.  |  12-09-2010  |  Shopping

All We Want for Christmas Is Toys!new

Welcome to the Regression Issue: Because growing up doesn't mean growing out of toys.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Various  |  01-12-2010  |  Commentary

Celebrating with Beer This Holiday Season: A Foolproof Guidenew

So as the holiday season creeps up yet again, many will face that timeless question: What to serve or bring to the Hanukkah, Christmas—whatever your flavor is—feast. Cheap and boring is not the way to go.
Dig Boston  |  Jason + Todd Alström  |  12-09-2009  |  Food+Drink

Forget That 'Happy Chanukah' Schlock ... Christmas is Where It's Atnew

Most folks seem to think Chanukah is the Jewish Christmas. It is not. Christmas is the Jewish Christmas.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Caralyn Green  |  12-29-2008  |  Commentary

Christmas in the Ghettonew

Bart Starrchild: "This is your token Caucasian announcer broadcasting live from the Funky Ghetto Mall. I'm here for the premiere of the Ghetto Science Team’s Community Christmas Parade titled 'A Missing Toe Christmas,' brought you by the Ghetto Science Team Television Network."
Jackson Free Press  |  Ken Stiggers  |  12-29-2008  |  Comedy

Why Christmas?new

There's no good reason for a sane, rational person to like this time of year. And yet, I do.
The Coast, Halifax's Weekly  |  Lezlie Lowe  |  12-19-2008  |  Commentary

Dreaming of a Green Christmasnew

Here are some tips to keep a greener, more respectful holiday this year, and some ideas for you (and local governments) for future Christmas seasons.
Creative Loafing (Tampa)  |  Wayne Garcia  |  12-16-2008  |  Environment

Holiday Traditions Unwrappednew

From Mistletoe to Menorah, we've got you covered.
Jackson Free Press  |  KateTerry  |  12-01-2008  |  Culture

Holidays Can be Filled with Many Emotions Other Than Cheernew

Ultimately, all our collective holiday suffering has to do with being unable to accept reality, whether that's being stuck remembering the way things once were, or putting too much emphasis on how things "ought" to be.
Jackson Free Press  |  Ronni Mott  |  11-25-2008  |  Culture

Christmas Trees (From Best to Worst)new

Christmas may be the time to find the best deals on gifts and goodies, but it is not the time to skimp on eco-values. That means finding the best tree not only for your family traditions but also for Mother Earth. Here is the good, the bad and the ugly side of Christmas tree buying.
Jackson Free Press  |  Lindsey Maddox  |  11-25-2008  |  Culture

Get Your 'Nog Onnew

It's a tradition: Our Jewish music editor reviews Christmas CDs we get in the mail!
Tucson Weekly  |  Stephen Seigel  |  12-19-2007  |  Reviews

Dealing with Wii-jection

If your kids want a Wii under the tree, you better get your game on.
The Inlander  |  Ted S. McGregor Jr.  |  12-14-2007  |  Video Games

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