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Wedding Tips for Blended Familiesnew

How do couples with kids from previous partnerships negotiate weddings?
Eugene Weekly  |  Amanda Burhop  |  01-12-2007  |  Culture

Tales of Commitmentnew

Same-sex couples share their stories.
Eugene Weekly  |  Jes Burns  |  01-12-2007  |  LGBT

Something Old, Something ... Green?new

Celebrating the planet on and after a wedding day.
Eugene Weekly  |  Nicole Fancher  |  01-12-2007  |  Culture

Offbeat Bridesnew

A new book provides resources for indie weddings.
Eugene Weekly  |  Suzi Steffen  |  01-12-2007  |  Culture

Fall Books Defy Disasternew

This coming fall and winter are thin on fiction but large on hulking works of non-fiction that might help us catch up with this runaway bobsled called planet Earth.
Boston Phoenix  |  John Freeman  |  09-27-2005  |  Books

DJ Quote Gets Caught in the Troubleshooter's Crosshairsnew

To punish DJ Quote, aka Quentin Jones, for allegedly using profanity on the air and other transgressions, Tom Martino broadcast the DJ's personal number on the syndicated Troubleshooter radio show and encouraged listeners to share their thoughts. The results ranged from expletive-laced rants to racist hate-mongering.
Westword  |  Dave Herrera  |  08-27-2004  |  Media

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